Dentalpoint Teams Up with Nobel Biocare to Offer Zirconia Solutions

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Dentalpoint and Nobel Biocare will work together to add a zirconia implant solution to Nobel Biocare’s portfolio, which already includes titanium dental implants featuring the TiUnite surface. With the Dentalpoint technology, clinicians can meet patient demand for metal-free treatment and high-end aesthetics, the companies report. Early next year, Nobel Biocare plans on offering a solution featuring this technology. 

“As a result of this partnership, Nobel Biocare customers will very soon be able to offer their patients the very first completely metal-free screw-retained 2-piece implant solution with an internal connection,” said Nobel Biocare president Hans Geiselhöringer. “It is the ideal addition to our already extensive range of solutions that maintain tissue health and deliver long-lasting aesthetics.”

Dentalpoint is the developer of the first completely metal-free 2-piece bone-level implant system with an internal connection that doesn’t depend on cement, the companies report. Screw-retained with a metal-free screw, the 2-piece system lets clinicians treat patients with a zirconia implant using protocols similar to those they are familiar with for traditional implants. It also offers greater restorative flexibility compared to existing one-piece or cement-retained ceramic implant options, the companies add.  

“As interest in ceramic implants among patients grows, so too does demand around the world,” said Dentalpoint president Jürg Bolleter. “We are excited by the potential of this partnership with a company of the reputation and heritage of Nobel Biocare and, most importantly, the role it will play in helping more clinicians and patients across the globe to benefit from our standard-setting ceramic implant innovations.”

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