Electric Toothbrush Tells Users When to Switch Quadrants

Richard Gawel


The Gleem Electric Toothbrush delivers sonic bristle vibrations to clean teeth. Its two-minute timer pulses at 30-second intervals to help users track their brushing progress and know when to switch quadrants while brushing for a consistent clean. Also, its memory function enables users to pause and resume their brushing cycle. Additional features include:

  • Soft, nylon bristles with rounded filaments for a gentle clean
  • A compact brush head to help reach all surfaces
  • A slim handle that stands upright on countertops
  • A no-roll feature designed to keep the brush out of the sink and off the floor
  • A glossy finish available in black or white

The Gleem Electric Toothbrush is powered by a single AAA battery, which is included. It costs $25. Refill packages with two brush heads each are available for $10.

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