Cleansing Crystals Kill Candida on Oral Appliances in Just 20 Minutes

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Developed by Lorin Berland, DDS, Cleanadent Crystals are designed to clean removable oral appliances. Clinical studies have shown that the crystals can kill Candida Albicans and Streptococcus in just 20 minutes on dentures, partials (excluding partials with ticonium alloy), snoring and sleep apnea devices, guards, and retainers.

Providing up to 180 deep cleanings per box, the individually packaged, professional-strength crystals kill pathogens and remove heavy plaque, stains, and calculus, both at home or during dental visits.

C Albicans is a fungal infection affecting oral tissues that clinical research has found common in most oral appliances. It is the leading cause of denture-stomatitis and is known for its resistance to antifungal agents.

After treating and listening to patients as a dentist for more than 35 years, Dr. Berland has developed a line of products for common oral issues such as Candida and dry mouth that are not addressed by major brands.

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