Bite Registration Material Provides Firm Set But Still Offers Elasticity

Richard Gawel


Kettenbach LP’s Futar Clear Fast Bite registration is a fast-setting material. With a shore hardness of A62, Futar Clear Fast Bite provides a firm set but is elastic enough for easy removal, according to the company. It is moderately flexible to allow it to come off the cast without disturbing a wax-up. Because it is transparent, it’s different from the other Futar products, enabling direct visual inspection of the restorative area.

Futar Clear Fast is designed to be trimmed easily with a scalpel. It can be placed easily using the teal  mixing tip, Kettenbach LP says, and it is thixotropic as well. It has a total working time of 15 seconds and an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds. It offers excellent workability, the company adds. It comes in packages of two 50-mL cartridges with six mixing tips.

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