Bite Registration Material Eliminates Risk of Vertical Distortion When Articulated

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Kettenbach LP’s Futar Cut and Trim replaces and improves upon Futar Scan, according to the company. The scannable bite registration has a working time of 15 seconds with an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds. Nonslumping, it also won’t flow off the occlusal surface.

The blue shade is designed to help clinicians with improved readability. The final hardness of this product is D-35, which means it sets rigidly to eliminate any risk of vertical distortion when articulated. Finally, it trims cleanly with a sharp blade, often an issue with many other brands, Kettenbach LP reports.

With 6 choices, Futar bite registration materials allow clinicians to choose the appropriate material to fit their particular needs, whether it’s high final hardness, comfortable working times, or a scannable material. 

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