Presenting a Combined Focus

Damon Adams, DDS


As we move forward in 2020, we are thankful to know that most dentists are now back doing what they do best: serving patients! We are confident that all are doing their best to do so in a safe and caring way, well prepared by the experience and training of a profession that has successfully worked in the presence of deadly infections and diseases prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is now time to refocus on the many different topics of importance in dentistry and in serving the many patients who need dental services. Because this is a combined issue, due to the aftereffects of the lockdowns and interruptions in the dental practices of our readers, we will focus on products (usually covered in July) and on implant dentistry (our customary focus in August). In this issue, we are presenting our 34th annual Reader’s Choice Top 100 Products feature. For dentists who may be rethinking/re-evaluating some of the dental products they are currently using—or may be looking to purchase something new and different for a variety of reasons, maybe as a result of the pandemic—this featured section will be a good additional resource to have available.

Also in this issue is an exciting lineup of clinical articles, especially aimed at the general practitioners in the reading audience. Dr. Charles Schlesinger, who would have been our full-cover-featured author this month had it not been for the change in plans brought on by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that necessitated this combined issue, brings his expertise to bear on the content of an interview focused solely on implant dentistry. Charles is enthusiastic about the possibilities awaiting GPs who are willing to learn about how to best implement implants into their care options.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from all of the product information, clinical case reports, and other excellent articles in this special combined issue of Dentistry Today!

Focus On: Giving Patients What They Want by Nick Clausen

Urgent Care Dentistry and the Future by Ronald S. Brown, DDS, MS, Bhavik S. Desai, DMD, PhD, and Robert F. Gamble, DDS

An Experienced Implant Clinician Shares Perspectives by Dr. Charles D. Schlesinger

Full-Arch, CAD/CAM, Implant Supported Reconstruction: A Guided Protocol Using Digital Technologies by Drs. JaeSeok Kang and Meekyung Son

Optimizing Communications Skills for Success by Dr. David Hornbook and Mr. Kent D. Kohli

Efficient Placement of Composite Restorations by Dr. Carla Cohn