Practicing Dentristry Without License In Apartment Bathroom

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William Escobar, 40, was arrested in Moorpark, Calif, after an investigation revealed that he was providing illegal dental services in the bathroom of his apartment. He allegedly performed cleanings for people and injected them with anesthetics.

The investigation started last month after an unhappy patient reported him, claiming swelling in the gums. When detectives visited Escobar’s apartment with a search warrant, they discovered an illegal dental office with items such as anesthetic drugs, a dental chair and tools, and prosthodontics and orthodontic items.

Escobar was charged with felony practice of dentistry without a license, misdemeanor furnishing of dangerous drugs, and possession of needles. Authorities are continuing to investigate and believe that Escobar was specializing in illegal orthodontics. Moonpark Patch reports that police would like to speak with the suspect’s underage patients.