Possible Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

Dentistry Today


A new material may be just what people with sensitive teeth need.

A biomaterial was created that has the potential to rebuild worn enamel and lower tooth sensitivity for an extended time. This will be helpful for people with teeth sensitive to simple things like hot tea or hot chocolate.

The material was tested on dogs and the study appears in the journal ACS Nano.

Tooth sensitivity is a common issue among dental patients. It can lead to major dental problems, in addition to the pain it causes. The problem develops after a tooth’s enamel degrades, leaving tiny, porous tubes and allowing underlying nerves to be susceptible to extreme temperatures.

Some current treatments, like special toothpastes, work by blocking the openings of tubes. The seal created is only temporary and doesn’t hold up to the wear and tear of brushing and chewing. That’s why the research team set out to look for a method that could be a long-term solution.

The researchers created a type of paste based on elements in teeth, particularly calcium and phosphorus. The paste was tested on dogs’ teeth and the research team determined that it closed up tubes in a deeper fashion compared to other treatments. This depth could be the key to a lasting solution to the problem and rebuilding enamel.