Possible Solution to Dry Mouth Exists



There may be a way to aid dry mouth condition.

A new battery-powered mouthguard was created to fix this problem. The mouthguard fits over the lower arch of the teeth and enables the production of saliva thanks to little electric shocks. This device is necessary because dry mouth impacts 20 percent of people older than 50.

This device could be extremely helpful because of the importance of saliva in digestion and fighting against bacteria. A healthy person can generate three pints of saliva per day but there are many people that don’t produce enough. The result is the condition of dry mouth, known as xerostomia. The condition usually stems from some kind of medication or cancer treatment.

This new mouthguard is custom designed for each person and triggers saliva production by way of electric shocks. Each patient controls the device and can be worn for up to 10 minutes every hour.

The device can be beneficial for people who developed dry mouth from Parkinson’s Disease and Sjogren’s Syndrome. More tests are on the way.

Scientists have also created mint disks with Xylitol in them, which are thought to aid dry mouth. The disks are applied at night. They melt while the person is asleep and studies from the University of Washington indicate a reduced impact of dry mouth symptoms with one week.