Pomegranates May Aid Oral Health



There may be a new fruit you should add to your diet.

Recent studies have shown that pomegranates have numerous health benefits. The pomegranate is a fleshy red fruit containing numerous vibrant seeds. It is seen in salads, in addition to the numerous pomegranates juices that have been developed in recent years.

The antibacterial qualities in the pomegranates may serve to thwart dental plaque. Therefore, pomegranates may lower the chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Pomegranates also can curb overall inflammation, which would lower the risk of inflammatory conditions like stroke or heart attacks. Pomegranate juice may also improve circulation, according to numerous studies, based on the ability to prevent clotting and raise the amount of oxygen sent to the heart.

Pomegranates also possess vitamin C and E.

If you’re looking for the best pomegranates, they come from Turkey and Iran, according to some studies.