Plaintiffs Voluntarily Withdraw Claims in Class Action Against SmileDirectClub

Dentistry Today


SmileDirectClub says that 21 of the plaintiffs in the Ciccio et al v. SmileDirectClub LLC et al class action complaint against the company have voluntarily withdrawn their claims, leaving one plaintiff in court and one that has been sent to arbitration. On December 12, 2019, all but two of the consumer plaintiffs filed an official notice of voluntary dismissal. 

“We have maintained that there was no merit to these claims being filed in court, and these withdrawals are a confirmation of our position. The court recently sent the original consumer plaintiff to arbitration. That ruling led to this voluntary withdrawal,” said Susan Greenspon Rammelt, general counsel at SmileDirectClub.

“We look forward to the rest of this complaint being stricken or dismissed and working with our affiliated network of dentists and orthodontists to serve our customers without this distraction,” said Greenspon Rammelt.

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