Oral Cancer and Endodontics

Damon Adams, DDS


In this month’s issue of Dentistry Today, 3 articles have been selected that share important information involving 2 very important dental arenas: endodontics and oral cancer.

In the past, we have had authors touch on various aspects related to the many challenges that oral cancer continues to present to the dental profession and to patients. As a profession, in addition to raising the bar with better screening, more accurate and timely diagnoses, and properly planned treatment protocols; we need to be laser focused on the prevention of this dreaded disease. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and, in this issue’s Viewpoint, Dr. Susan Maples candidly presents facts and information that all clinicians and their teams should know about human papillomavirus (HPV). As stated in her article, “HPV is the single most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the United States, and because of that, HPV-OPC is now considered an epidemic, causing 70% of all oral cancers.” Susan speaks bluntly and passionately about our ability to truly make a difference if we learn how to address this epidemic with patients head-on. To this end, she shares 7 tips that will assist the professional in initiating and appropriately discussing this potentially awkward topic. It is my sincere hope that publishing this article will translate into lives saved—if the information and tips shared will be thoughtfully and routinely implemented.

In addition to other clinically related articles in this issue, we have a couple of selections focused strictly on endodontics that are written by 2 of our distinguished Dentistry Today Leaders in CE. We are proud to present Dr. Manor Haas, who is our featured cover author. He talks about how to be more efficient, without sacrificing quality, by implementing some of the currently available high-tech equipment, instruments, and techniques. Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, also a well-known expert and educator in endodontics, discusses how the gains in efficiency that rotary files brought to shaping procedures are translating into negotiation procedures via advances in file design and material technology.

Please enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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