New Compact Portable Diode Laser from Biolase

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, DMD


BIOLASE has introduced the EPIC X diode laser. It is quite portable weighing under 5 pounds, has a small footprint and a wireless footpedal. The tips come pre-intiated saving time and guesswork. Although it will be primarily looked at as a soft tissue laser, it also has a whitening and pain control mode. The soft tissue module has 22 presets for the most common dental procedures so the operator does not have to spend time working out power or pulse parameters, although there are manual settings available. In the whitening mode there is a special handpiece/wand that is reported to whiten teeth in 30 minutes. The Pain control setting also requires a special headpiece and using continuous wave energy can reduce pain in facial muscles as well as TMJ. Quite a work horse for this compact unit.

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