Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (M.A.S.S.)

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, DMD


Although you typically read reviews here on high-tech devices, I was captured by a simple, everyday tool that every dental practitioner uses. Upon further review, there was some math and physics involved in the design. Dr. Dave Ronto is an in-the-trenches GP in southern Michigan and found that typical HV suction tips all seemed to catch the tongue and cheek. Even some with small relief slits did not eliminate the problem either. Also, patients in the middle of treatment find it awkward to sit up and rinse out. This unique design, which places a series of holes around the tube (researched by trial and error but refined by some basic physics calculations by Dr. Ronto), makes the whole process more comfortable for the patients and fits all HV suction units. If they put their lips around it like a straw (noting that there used to be a little stainless steel adapter that did in fact use straws), even with a mouthful of water, saliva, and other dental debris, it all comes out without the patient feeling like his or her lungs are collapsing. I was truly captured by Dr. Ronto’s enthusiasm and passion for this product. For more information, visit

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