Mixing Tip Boasts Bendable Cannula

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The T-Mixer Colibri mixing tip from Sulzer Mixpac features an integrated 360-degree rotatable and bendable cannula for precise application of costly multicomponent materials. It was specifically designed for precision impression, root canal filling, and cementation.

“The economical T-Mixer Colibri ingeniously combines 2 of our most successful products. It couples the reliability of the T-Mixer’s geometry with all the advantages of our bendable Colibri,” said Martina Strasser, global head of sales healthcare at Sulzer Mixpac.

“The mixing tip allows for an ergonomic posture and highly professional work, even when treating difficult to reach areas, so changes to the working environment are necessary,” said Strasser. “The result is a consistent, homogenous application, even when bended, thanks to the stainless steel medical cannula’s uniform internal diameter.”

Compared to helix mixing tips, the T-Mixer Colibri uses up to 40% less material due to advanced technology and its compact, shorter design, according to the company. It also is compatible with all 2.5-mL to 10-mL MIXPAC cartridges.

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