May 2011



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The Metrics of Anterior Diastema Closure
John C. Schwartz, DDS, outlines aesthetic parameters for restoratively closing diastemas based on biomimetic observation and principles.

A Unique Opportunity: New Role for Hygienists in Modern Practices
Trish Jones, RDH, BS, discusses the benefits of utilizing the entire clinical team, including the hygienist, to discuss treatment options involving new dental materials with your patients.

Hygiene Update:

Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy for Periodontitis

Enamel De- and Remineralization

Fluoride and Orthodontic Treatment

Product Focus:

Electric Toothbrushes

Protocol for Implementing Aesthetic Implant Restorations
David A. Little, DDS, presents a clinical case to demonstrate the protocol needed to ensure successful implant and restorative outcomes.

Revolutionary Advances in Endodontics, Part 1: CBCT
Wyatt Simons, DDS, reviews some recent advances positively affecting present and future endodontic treatment.

Fiber Post Techniques for Anatomical Root Variations
Leendert (Len) Boksman, DDS, BSc, et al identify and describe the newer materials and techniques deemed as viable alternatives to metallic post/cores and propose a rationale for the material selection for simple and complex post-endodontic restoration cases.

Evolutions in CAD/CAM Hardware, Software, and Materials
Sameer Puri, DDS, presents a case report describing the use of multilayered porcelain blocks using a modern chairside CAD/CAM system to restore a fractured tooth.

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Within the General Practice
Ara Nazarian, DDS, presents a clinical case report that details the use of a combination of modern restorative materials, methods, and implants to fulfill a patient’s dreams for better oral health and function.

Treating the Gummy Smile
Dennis Marangos, BSc, DDS, presents a case report related to the treatment and periodontal implications involved in diagnosing and correcting excessive gingival display.

Digital Photography Update: 2011
Martin B. Goldstein, DMD, presents his annual update in dental photographic trends and equipment.

Move to Improve Your Health: The Research Behind Static Postures
Bethany Valachi, PT, discusses the importance of movement to maintain good health, providing helpful ergonomic tips for the clinician and team.

Computerized Tomography Scanning in Oral Surgery Recovery

Trends in Tuberculosis

A Few Discoveries Away: Vaccinations and Immune Response

Challenging Periodontitis With Innate Immunity

Survival Rates of Teeth, Implants, and Removable Prostheses

Potential Zinc Hazards for Patients

Researchers Connect Specific Protein to Head and Neck Cancers

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