Many Pets Have Problems with Periodontal Disease



Many pet owners are unaware of the one of the biggest health problems their pets may encounter: periodontal disease. It’s one of the most common health issues that small animals face.

According to some veterinarians, three out of four dogs experience some kind of gum disease. The pet owners generally do not know about the problems until the animal is in excruciating pain. Some of the symptoms the dogs may face include bad breath, sore/swollen gums, a lack of an appetite and bleeding gums.

The ongoing problem for the animals is caused by the lack of awareness pet owners have regarding the issue.

There are, however, ways to combat your dog from developing periodontal problems. If the pet owner takes care of the dog’s teeth by giving them special chews designed to massage gums and cleanse the mouth, the dog’s risk for having gum problems will decrease significantly. Dogs can also benefit from the occasional dental checkup.

The United Kingdom is trying to increase pet owners’ awareness about this issue by starting initiatives specifically for this reason. If more places did this, the overall oral health of dogs would improve drastically.