Lifestyle, Diet May Prevent Oral Cancer



New research shows something that should be obvious. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Many studies in recent years have shown that the rate of oral cancer correlates to a person’s diet and lifestyle habits, good or bad.

Tobacco usage and alcohol consumption are two things that adversely impact risk of oral cancer. When smoking, the mouth area is subjected to many carcinogens. When drinking alcohol, the mouth is similarly exposed to other carcinogens.

These carcinogens cause our DNA to mutate. These mutations are exacerbated if the body is repeatedly exposed to tobacco and alcohol, which serves to increase the risk of oral cancer.

To reduce these risks, many studies suggest never using tobacco and drink alcohol in moderation.

Foods that contain antioxidants are also key in reducing oral cancer risk. Also, it’s important to avoid contracting the human papilloma virus, which has been known to cause cancer.