Learn How to Kill ’em Dead, Quick, and Often



Periodontal therapy offers some significant challenges. Oral biofilms reform just hours after patients leave the hygiene chair. Also, brushing, rinsing, and flossing often don’t get deep enough below the gums. Patients need an easy way to manage pathogenic bacteria below the gums on a regular basis.

That’s why Jim McCreight, DDS, and Tanya Dunlap, PhD, will present “Kill ’em Quick, Dead, and Often” at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) for LVI Global on Friday, October 23.

Prescription tray delivery of anitmicrobials into periodontal pockets can help, according to LVI. The most extensively tested antimicrobial is 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel.

“The research supporting the use of peroxide is significant,” said Dunlap, managing director of Perio Protect LLC, “because hydrogen peroxide overcomes many of the limitations of antibiotic therapy. The trick, of course, is how to get the medication deep into the pockets. That’s why the Perio Tray is important.”

Developed by Perio Protect, the Perio Tray has an internal peripheral seal corresponding to pocket probing depth scores. It is custom made for each patient to deliver and maintain medication in the pocket long enough to have therapeutic effect.

“I’ll review the clinical trials and microbiological data,” said Dunlap. “But Jim gets the exciting part, a presentation of the real-world results he’s documented with the trays for his own patients.”

“We’ve had great success for many different kinds of patients, including those who continue to struggle after periodontal therapy, who refuse surgery, or who even refuse scaling,” said McCreight, an LVI clinical instructor. “It’s so rewarding to have options that help patients.”

The course is open to all attendees of the LVI 20th Anniversary Gala, Oct. 22-24 at the LVI Campus in Las Vegas. All attendees of the presentation will have the option to become Perio Protect providers following the course. They do not need to complete additional training, though doctors and teams are encouraged to attend together for seamless implementation.

“The goal is to provide the scientific and practical information for an office to get started immediately after the conference,” said McCreight.

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