Couplers Use LEDs to Light Up Your Work

Richard Gawel


The 5 quick-disconnect couplers in the Prometheus line from Johnson-Promident offer bright white LED lighting without any other power source or fiber-optic system. A patent-pending drive air technology provides 25,000 lux of illumination.

“There’s nothing on the market comparable to this coupler,” said Lydia Kris, co-owner of Johnson-Promident. “The drive air in the handpiece actually powers the coupler to generate the light, with no other light source or power source needed.”

The lineup includes one coupler for Kavo handpieces, one for NSK, one for Star, one for Midwest/4-hole fixed back, and one for Midwest/2-hole fixed back. No new equipment or service call is needed. Each model costs the same as a regular coupler and includes a one-year warranty.

The Prometheus couplers will be available from Johnson-Promident beginning November 1. For more information, call (845) 589-0210 or visit

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