Kicking Off Our 35th Year

Damon Adams, DDS


With this issue of Dentistry Today, our clinical news magazine is now beginning its 35th year in publication. This would not possible without the talented team of professionals who work hard behind the scenes and in many meeting venues throughout North America to bring this magazine to life every month. We would also like to acknowledge the magazine’s loyal readers and advertisers and take the opportunity to wish every one of you the very best in the kickoff to your 2016.

This month, in addition to our clinical articles written by today’s top clinicians, Dentistry Today is proud to present the 23rd Annual Equipment Buyers’ Guide. If you are thinking about making a major purchase, consider using this section as one of your go-to information resources to assist in any related buying decisions.

In our clinical articles this month, Dr. Joyce Bassett and Matt Roberts provide a real-world look at the art of real-time digital design, linking 3-D prosthetic planning with fundamental principles; Dr. David Clark, in the first of a 3-part article series, talks about the new role direct composite restorations can play in minimally invasive dentistry; Dr. Marty Goldstein demonstrates the use of a modern flowable composite resin to improve smiles easier, faster, and less expensively; Dr. Dino Javaheri shares a large full-arch case, stressing the importance of a smile design analysis for aesthetic success; Dr. Gregori Kurtzman, in the last of a 6-part article series, concludes his discussions about how clinicians are able to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients better than ever before, with co-author Dr. David Oulette; Drs. Jaimée Morgan and Stan Presley showcase mini-case examples that serve to exemplify why GPs should consider including postgraduate orthodontic training in their CE choices; Dr. Cliff Ruddle outlines the critical distinctions between shaping canals using continuous rotation versus a reciprocation technique; Drs. Michael Sonick and Debby Hwang present a new approach to augment soft tissue at the time of second-stage surgery without secondary gingival grafting; Dr. Chris Stevens discusses principles of aesthetics and occlusion and their applications in implant dentistry; and, in our Viewpoint, Drs. John West and Brian DesRoches center a discussion around how patients’ negative attitudes toward endodontic treatment could be changed.

In our formally peer-reviewed CE selection, available for 2 FAGD/MAGD CEUs, Dr. Alison Glascoe et al review the relationship between oral health and systemic health, focusing on links between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue, the first in a great lineup of issues that we have planned for 2016 from Dentistry Today!