June 2022

Dentistry Today


Are Biologic Medications Becoming the New Catch-22 in Implant Dentistry?

Dr. Randolph R. Resnik notes that the field of implant dentistry is entering a new challenge, which could be far more significant and controversial than bisphosphonates. A new class of therapeutic drugs (“biologics”) has been introduced in the medical world for the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases with implications on our clinical outcomes.

Immediate Implant Using a Socket Shield and a Final Titanium Abutment

Dr. Robert J. Miller discusses the concept of “one abutment-one time.” He demonstrates the use of a final definitive abutment at the time of surgery, which shows a statistically significant reduction of the crestal bone resorption around the immediately restored implants.

Guidelines for Cementing or Bonding Ceramic Restorations

Drs. Nathaniel Lawson and Akram Sayed Ahmed answer the questions facing every general practitioner daily: What cement should I use for different restorations, what are the differences in their properties, and what is the procedure for each one? 

Practical Application of Digital Technology for Complete Dentures

Dr. Naren Rajan looks at the use of new technology for fabricating one of dentistry’s oldest restorations. His case report follows a specific treatment pathway for a patient receiving complete denture therapy where both digital and analog processes were utilized.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Utilizing a Digital Workflow

Drs. Justin T. Kang, Catherine Hon, and Leonard J. Resnick and Mr. Justin McElroy discuss a case of altered passive eruption that required crown lengthening. The incorporation of digital smile design software, a digital wax-up, and 3D printing in combination with a multi-tissue laser delivered an efficient and predictable clinical outcome. 

FOCUS ON: Reputation Marketing

Leonard F. Tau, DMD, talks about improving your practice’s web presence, generating positive reviews, and how to handle negative reviews.

VIEWPOINT – Introverted Dentists: Can They Be Successful?