Imaging System Boasts Low-Dose 3-D Mode

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Dentsply Sirona’s Orthophos SL provides High Definition (HD) and Standard Dose (SD) modes as well as a 3D I-X with Low Dose mode to best suit each patient’s needs by balancing image quality, volume, and dose in a range of clinical indications.

The HD mode provides images with maximum sharpness for visualizing fine structures. The SD mode, with an optimized radiation dose, covers common indications. The 3D I-X functionality clarifies clinical issues when a significantly reduced dose is sufficient by using intelligent filters.

According to the company, the Orthophos SL with 3D I-X provides indication-based diagnostics using CBCT images in the same dose range as 2-D images for the highest degree of safety. For example, it only requires 3 µSv to localize a displaced canine.

The intelligent filtering preserves structures such as bones, suiting many different specialties. The 3D I-X also is designed for checking implant positions, performing sinus analysis, and determining tooth position, expanding 3-D imaging into implantology, orthodontics, pediatrics, and sleep medicine.

All Orthophos SL 3D units can be upgraded to include the 3D I-X mode. Members of the Dentsply Sirona 3D Club can receive the upgrade free of charge.

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