Half of World’s Population Needs Better Oral Health



Nearly 4 billion people have bad teeth. That would be roughly one of every 2 people in the world.

The information comes from Queen Mary, University of London. The dental school conducted a recent study on the matter.

The study was done during a three-year period. It also concluded that dental diseases have risen by 20 percent during the last 20 years.

The top reason for the increase in oral diseases stems from the rise in the world’s population. The dental problems are only exacerbated by the increase in life expectancy.

Many people go with untreated toothaches that are so severe the people can’t eat or sleep. There are even more people with small cavities or minor cases of gum disease.

Some older people that still have their natural teeth are dead-set on keeping them, which could pose problems.

There were 500 scientists worldwide who took part in this study. The goal is for people to value or realize the importance of oral health, including governments that need to step to lower tooth decay and gum disease rates.