Fired Up on Implants

Damon Adams, DDS


Implants continue to be one of the fastest growing treatment options in dentistry. This is reflected in our readership surveys as implant topics have now moved into the No. 1 position for the most read category. As a result, I am very excited to announce the introduction of a brand new section in the magazine, Implants Today, which will be making its debut in the September issue. With a special focus on quality, evidence-based clinical case report articles, and with the GP in mind, we will publish timely information that is guaranteed to increase technical and clinical knowledge related to dental implants.

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Tischler will be assisting us in all editorial matters related to implants as our implants editor. Michael and I have had the pleasure of working together on the many articles that he has published throughout the years. He is a GP who absolutely loves practicing dentistry and has developed true expertise through professional postgraduate training and extensive clinical experience. Michael brings high energy, passion, and a zeal for teaching and learning to the table. I know that our readers as well as our manufacturers represented in this section and throughout the magazine will all benefit from his input and leadership.

In addition, we have assembled 15 highly respected implant-focused specialists and GPs who have agreed to serve on our implant advisory board and to also contribute excellent clinical content. At Dentistry Today, the entire team is fired up for what this new implant section will bring to you, our readers!

In this month’s issue, Dr. David Beach shares some of the identifying factors that can complicate endodontic treatment; Dr. Alan Goldstein’s Viewpoint shares opinions on the service aspects of being a dental clinician; Dr. Tim Kosinski gets into treatment planning issues related to posterior single dental im­plants; Dr. Gregori Kurtzman, in part 4 of a 6-part article series, discusses how clinicians can optimally evaluate, diagnose, and treat their patients; Dr. Maurice Lewis et al present a case report that describes a one-appointment prefabricated composite veneer protocol; Dr. Michael Scherer presents modern approaches for implant-supported overdentures, showcasing the latest imaging software; and Dr. Glenn van As discusses how he utilizes laser to successfully treat peri-implantitis.

We are presenting 4 CE offerings, including our formally peer-reviewed CE article by Drs. Joseph Yousefian et al on the comprehensive and interdisciplinary treatment of severe obstructive sleep apnea, available for 2 FAGD/MAGD credits. We hope that many of you will take advantage of our convenient and cost-effective CE choices. Additional options can be also found in our growing library of archived CE articles at

Please enjoy this issue of Dentistry Today!