FDI Project to Focus on Workplace Health and Safety

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To celebrate World Day for Health and Safety at Work on April 28, the FDI World Dental Federation is launching a project to promote health and safety in the dental workplace, noting professional risks including infection by pathogenic bacteria, exposure to chemical substances or radiation, and musculoskeletal disorders from inappropriate working posture. 

As part of the project, FDI will develop guidelines focused specifically on ensuring a clean clinical environment for employees, the importance of adopting a natural and ergonomic working posture, prioritizing well-being in the workplace, and preventing in-clinic infection. 

“It’s important for oral health professionals to feel supported in the dental practice, keeping their health in mind so that they can deliver consistent, high-quality care to their patients,” said Kathryn Kell, DDS, FDI president. 

The project is possible thanks to a new partnership with medical and dental product manufacturer Morita

“We are thrilled to support FDI’s ambitious new project. As leaders in the dental industry, we are mindful of the importance of a sound and stable workplace for practitioners and patients alike. Optimal oral care begins with health and safety,” said Haruo Morita, president of Morita. 

“We welcome Morita’s support to promote well-being in the workplace for all oral health professionals,” Kell said.

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