Dr. Peter Auster and a Groundbreaking Composite

Episode 3 | Composites


Dr. Peter Auster introduces an innovative new composite, Tokuyama Dental America’s Omnichroma, which only requires one shade for all restorations. For more, read his article.

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{tab Episode 2 | Oral Cancer}

Oral Cancer Awareness Month
Jo-Anne Jones, president of RDH Connection Inc, discusses the impact of oral cancer, the role of HPV in its spread, and the importance of regular screenings in saving lives as we celebrate Oral Cancer Awareness Month. She can be reached at jjones@jo-annejones.com.


{tab Episode 1 | Technology}

Dr. Paul Feuerstein: “Make Me Smile”
Technology Editor Dr. Paul Feuerstein discusses the importance of communicating with your patients and using the latest digital tools such as Dr. Brian Harris’ Smile Virtual Consult and Dr. Christian Coachman’s DSD to create an aesthetic and satisfying smile design.



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