Exploring New Directions

Damon Adams, DDS


Once again, in this issue of Dentistry Today, we focus a portion of our editorial content on new directions. In addition, we have several clinical articles focused on collaboration between the hygienist and doctor, the doctor and dental laboratory technician, and among clinicians committed to excellence when delivering interdisciplinary care.

Also of note, you may remember that in October 2014, we officially announced the addition of Dr. Paul Feuerstein to our editorial team. He takes center stage in our cover-featured interview covering relevant topics related to technology, his long-standing focus of interest and exper­tise. Paul also shares a brief, and rather revealing, bit of personal history with our readers, giving insight into how he developed into a “techno-clinical geek” and has become a sought-after leader and lecturer throughout the profession.

During February and early March, we look forward to seeing many of you on the road, in the United States and abroad. Dentistry Today team members will be attending the inevitably high-class Chicago Midwinter Meeting and the incredible (and huge) IDS Meeting in Cologne, Germany. These meetings showcasing innovative technologies for the profession always drive up levels of anticipation and excitement. We hope you will consider attending these events with your team to explore some new directions.

Here are this month’s articles: Drs. Lorin Berland and Sarah Kong show how they treated a bulimic patient suffering from severe tooth destruction; Dr. Jason Flores, in our Viewpoint, talks about how doctors can address odontophobia; Dr. Marty Jablow shares a review and update on universal bonding materials and techniques; Dr. Gregori Kurtzman and Mary Hughes, RDH, in part 2 of a 6-part series, talk about perio­dontal treatment and the evolving role of the dental hygienist; Dr. Robert Lowe reviews “smart” preparation design for Class V cavities and the use of bioactive composite resins; Dr. Barry McArdle utilizes an innovative at­tachment system for implant-retained overdentures; Drs. Allen Ali Nasseh and Dennis Brave suggest ways to improve clinical efficiency when doing an apicoectomy procedure by using a novel technique for retrofilling; Drs. Randolph Resnik and Carl Misch, in the last of a 3-part series, conclude their discussion on ways to avoid neurosensory impairment complications; Dr. Todd Schoenbaum et al emphasize collaboration among clinicians as a critical element of success; and Dr. Ahmad Soolari et al, in a peer-reviewed article available for 2 FAGD/MAGD CEUs, discuss gingival recession involving the mandibular anterior teeth.

Please enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!