Elementa is a Game-Changer in Oral Health



Modern diets make it nearly impossible for traditional dental aids such as fluoride to keep our oral health strong. That is why over 92% of American adults suffer from tooth decay. It is time to switch to an oral care line that is a game-changer for the whole family and addresses chronic issues (secret – sugar does not cause cavities!).
Elementa has a team of dentists that have revolutionized dental products. They have created a solution to oral hygiene problems that have not been addressed adequately (i.e. low pH levels, unhealthy biofilm, hard-to-kill bacteria). It is an entirely new oral health care regimen.
What makes Elementa products revolutionary? Let’s break it down.
The brand uses patent-pending nanoparticles of silver (a natural antibacterial used for centuries) in oral products to drastically increase the ability to deliver crucial ingredients such as calcium and Xylitol to the tooth. A carefully designed nano silver solution has the unique ability to neutralize oral acids and healthily reset the biofilm (plaque) environment.
Available on Amazon. Also can be found in your local Albertsons, Sprouts, and Henry Schein. 
For more information, https://elementasilver.com or contact jackie@teamchicexecs.com.