The Benefits of Trimetaphosphate on Oral Health

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You may not know this but there are new studies being published about the benefit of Trimetaphosphate on oral health. Research says this one ingredient strengthens the enamel by almost 40% and we’re talking all the way to the deep enamel. This is a lot deeper than fluoride alone offers. 

We have contacted researcher and educator, Dr. Mark Cannon, DDS MS,  who is a expert consultant for Spry, a global leader in creating natural, convenient, xylitol-based oral care products. Their selection of toothpaste contains Trimetaphosphate. Dr. Cannon is here to share some more of the benefits.

Before we get his take, let’s talk about the line of Spry products. A new study, published in the Journal of Dentistry, concludes the combination of fluoride, and nanosized trimetaphosphate (TMP) more effectively hardens teeth against damage and decay than fluoride alone.

Studies show poor dental hygiene is linked to increase risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammatory Alzheimer’s and even infectious disease illnesses. Stronger teeth, and enhanced gum health, are critical to overall wellness.

In addition to fluoride, Spry includes xylitol, erythritol, and nano trimetaphosphate (nTMP). Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar, a natural carbohydrate which occurs freely in plants (for example, in fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries and plums) and is produced in the human body from Vitamin C and by other natural pathways.

This brings us right back to Dr. Cannon, who had this to say about Trimetaphosphate, ““Nano-ized trimetaphosphate greatly aids in the re-mineralizing of the enamel. The special size of the trimetaphosphate and formulation of the toothpaste with other key ingredients makes Spry’s EnamelMax the most effective caries and periodontal preventative toothpaste! Nano trimetaphosphate hardens the enamel much deeper than fluoride alone. In the published study, the addition of only 200 PPM of fluoride, along with the trimetaphosphate, resulted with better re-mineralization than the common old 1100 PPM fluoride toothpaste. In addition, Spry’s EnamelMax includes a special tested blend of xylitol and erythritol that inhibits all the pathogens, both for decay and gum disease. The bonus is the l-arginine, an amine that reduces the acidity of the plaque and encourages the production of nitric oxide which also helps prevent cavities and gum disease. Nitric oxide from the oral cavity also has a well published positive cardiovascular benefit, lowering high blood pressure.”

Dr. Cannon continued with, “Trimetaphosphate (nano) is the most efficient way to re-mineralize the enamel. Plus, the TMP may be added to toothpastes, gum, mouth rinses, and varnishes. The TMP along with xylitol, which is a calcium carrier, creates a much superior oral hygiene protocol to prevent oral disease.”

Spry is available at leading retailers across the nation, including Wegmans, The Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Natural Grocers, and most all Natural market retailers. It can also be purchased online, including on Amazon. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.


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