Dog Bones Could Lead to Dental Problems for Dogs



A bone may keep your dog occupied but it may not be the best thing for the animal.

In Australia, veterinarians are trying to alert dog owners about the possible damage and diseases that dogs can develop from chewing bones. The Australian Veterinary Association is behind this, since it’s Pet Dental Health Month.

Bones are a major cause of dental issues for dogs, according to some studies. The process of chewing the bones can result in broken or chipped teeth, in addition to hurting the gums and tongue. The bones may also adversely affect the digestive system, including causing food poisoning, constipation or blockage in the digestive system.

The best thing to do for dog owners is to speak to a veterinarian and ask what other options exist that are safer and healthier than chewing bones.

About 80 percent of pets develop some kind of dental issue because most pet owners are unaware that they have to monitor their pet’s dental health, according to the Australian Veterinary Association.

Some of the warning signs for dental problems include bad breath, gum bleedings, swollen gums and teeth with stains.