Dentists Urged to Use Ampoules During EpiPen Shortage

Dentistry Today


Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley of England has written to dentists in response to the disruption in the supply of EpiPen and EpiPen Junior adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs). Hurley is asking practices to order ampoules instead of AAIs—including dosing charts, needles, and syringes—when they renew the adrenaline in their anaphylaxis kits.

Authorities believe this will reduce the reliance on AAIs and preserve essential EpiPen stocks for patients, patents, carers, and teachers, who, as laypersons, cannot be expected to administer adrenaline via a needle and syringe. Adrenaline ampoule supplies are currently available, and dental practitioners should use them instead of the EpiPen or similar devices, Hurley says.

The Green Book and Resus Council guidance provides additional advice for healthcare professionals on using adrenaline in response to anaphylaxis.

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