Planet DDS Introduces New Integrations between Cloud 9, Denticon, and Apteryx

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Planet DDS, a leading provider of cloud-based dental practice management solutions, is announcing integrations for three of its products: Cloud 9 orthodontic practice management solution, Denticon, a cloud-based practice management solution for general practices, and Apteryx, a cloud-based imaging solution. These integrations mark a significant milestone in providing dental professionals with streamlined workflows and more accurate patient data.

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“At Planet DDS, we are dedicated to integrated platform solutions that empower dental and orthodontic practices to thrive in today’s digital landscape,” said Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS. “With the integration of Cloud 9 with Denticon and Apteryx, we are providing our customers with improved workflows and less friction as they move between orthodontic and general dentistry use cases in all three software applications.”

The integration between Cloud 9 and Denticon eliminates the need for double manual entry of patient data, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of clerical errors. This new integration allows for consistent and accurate patient data across both platforms, enabling dental staff to focus on delivering a better patient experience rather than toggling between applications.

Integrating Cloud 9 and Apteryx offers customers a single database for patient images, streamlining workflows and enhancing diagnostic capabilities. This feature enables users to seamlessly access X-ray images within Cloud 9, eliminating the need for manual data entry and enhancing diagnostic efficiency. With approximately 30% of orthodontists utilizing clear aligners, which require STL files, this integration also facilitates viewing STL files via Apteryx, further enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

“As a multi-location, multi-specialty practice, the integration between Denticon and Cloud 9 has been key in helping us streamline workflows between our general practices and our orthodontic practices,” shared Rosanna Spinoccia, Director of Process Improvement at Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry. “I am always looking for ways to improve our processes for our team members, and it’s been a great time saver not having to do double data entry for patient information.”

To learn more about the Cloud 9 integrations and experience the benefits firsthand, schedule a demo here and visit Planet DDS at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session 2024 from May 3-6 in New Orleans, LA at Booth 3029.

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Planet DDS is the leading provider of cloud-enabled dental software solutions, serving over 13,000 practices in the United States with over 118,000 users. The company delivers a complete platform of solutions for dental practices, including Denticon Practice Management, Apteryx Cloud Imaging, Cloud 9 Ortho Practice Management and Legwork Practice Marketing. Planet DDS is committed to creating value for its dental practice clients by solving the most urgent challenges facing today’s dental practices nationwide.

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