Enhanced Dental Care Anywhere: 3Shape Launches Unite 3rd Generation for Mobile Access



3Shape launches Unite 3rd Generation, enabling dental professionals to access and work with their digital impressions and patient cases anywhere, anytime, via any mobile, tablet (Android, iOS), or web device. This update facilitates seamless and secure cloud storage for all 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scans and patient data.


“3Shape Unite 3rd Generation transforms how dental professionals work with patient data. Having cases and scans on the cloud with 3Shape means you can manage cases on the go, even from your mobile. Cloud storage also helps eliminate concerns regarding hard drive storage, server management, or disaster recovery for dentists,” said 3Shape CTO Niclas Blohm.

Unite 3rd Generation comes free with TRIOS scanners. As part of Unite 3rd Generation, users can also download the 3Shape Unite Cloud App, which enables professionals to manage and securely access cases and scans in the cloud, track case progress, and communicate with labs from any device. Gone are the days of being physically tied to a PC, as dentists can simply add photos and notes for the lab to patient cases from their mobile while on the go.

3Shape Unite 3rd Generation fulfills HIPAA and GDPR requirements and is ISO 27001 certified to ensure robust security safeguards. All patient data is encrypted, stored, and transmitted securely.

The 3Shape Unite platform seamlessly connects dentists to more than 25,000 dental labs and 100+ treatment partners worldwide.

The rollout of Unite 3rd Generation is happening progressively, with 3Shape customers notified when available in their region. Software licenses will transition from dongles to the cloud.

Learn more about 3Shape Unite here: https://www.3shape.com/en/software-updates/unite.