Dentists in England Will be Paid on Quality of Their Work

Dentistry Today


Dentists in England will be paid under a different system beginning this summer.

The dentists will get paid based on how many patients they see, not the kind of treatment they provide. This system will be tried in 62 dental practices.

In England, some dentists want to provide the treatment and be finished with the patient as soon possible. By doing that, it’s conceivable a dentist could earn more money than one who cares for a patient’s needs and the treatment suitable for his or her condition. This new system is designed to prevent these instances.

The new system should also improve overall oral health while holding dentists responsible for the work they provide.

Under laws that took effect in 2006, roughly one million fewer people ended up visiting the dentist in the ensuing two years.

These new laws would take full effect in 2014 if deemed successful.