DentistChats Merges With Ruby Receptionists

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DentistChats is merging with Ruby Receptionists. Serving more than 1,500 markets and engaging in more than 50,000 chats per month, DentistChats connects patients to practices using an online chat operated by real people, not bots, to increase appointments and patient engagement. 

“After working in my family’s orthodontic practice, I saw how underserved dentists and other, similar medical professionals were in regards to website technology. Our company has grown immensely, and it’s because we’re providing a quality service for businesses that have been begging for a better online engagement solution,” said DentistChats CEO Scott Hansen. 

“We took it a step further by presenting a 24/7, on-demand service conducted by industry-trained specialists, which allows visitors to have their needs met in real-time. Ruby Receptionists and DentistChats are aligned in our mission to offer a better chat experience for both business and customer,” Hansen said.

Ruby Receptionists CEO and founder Jill Nelson founded the company in 2003. It opened its third location in 2016. Also, it has been on the Portland Business Journal’s list of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon and was named one of Inc Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2017. It currently serves more than 8,000 small businesses across the country. 

“DentistChats is merging with Ruby Receptionists because we share the same core values. Both Ruby Receptionists and DentistChats are more than chat services. They’re engagement tools focused on providing the best possible experience for both patients and practices. That alignment of values made partnering with Ruby Receptionists a no-brainer,” Hansen said.

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