Dental Equipment Market to Hit $8.45 Billion by 2020

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The global dental equipment market will rise from $6.081 billion (U.S.) in 2013 to $8.45 billion by 2020, according to Grand View Research. The aging population has led to an increase in age-related dental disorders, driving this growth. Researchers say that unhealthy lifestyle choices and ignorance of oral hygiene are leading to more dental surgeries as well.

The World Health Organization notes that 60% to 90% of children and nearly 100% of adults around the world have cavities. The group has launched global programs to promote oral disease prevention and better oral hygiene, resulting in a growing number of dental diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

The rise in the demand for aesthetic procedures has led to a spur in cosmetic dentistry. Increasing dental tourism, as patients travel to different countries to get procedures that are too inexpensive or unavailable at home, has yielded an increased demand for sophisticated and advanced equipment as well.

Systems and parts represented the largest product segment in dental equipment, accounting for $2.206 billon of 2013’s market. High usage rates supported by increasing procedure volumes are key to the segment’s growth.

Driven by high usage and rising demand, especially in cosmetic dentistry, lasers will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 8.2% from 2013 to 2020. In addition, their accuracy and precision in enamel decay removal and other procedures without affecting gum and bone tissue will boost usage rates.

Furthermore, compared to high-speed drills, laser procedures have lower chances of hairline cracks and fractures. Lasers also encourage patient compliance by preventing bleeding and swelling. And, laser treatments don’t require high doses of local anesthesia either, promoting faster recovery and patient comfort.

Growing oral health problems and their subsequent demand for dental procedures in North America propelled the region to claim a substantial market share in 2013. The European market followed due to its demand for products related to oral health and increased patient awareness, totaling $2.156 billion in 2013.

The Asia-Pacific region saw 18.2% growth in 2013, and such growth should continue through 2020 thanks to a large patient pool with high, unmet demand. Innovative instruments and techniques will drive the market’s growth, in addition to favorable government initiatives that likely will produce a better healthcare infrastructure and an amicable business environment.

Danaher Corp dominated 2013, with more than 25% demand. Its product applications include tests, measurements, dental diagnostics, and industrial diagnostics. In 2011, it acquired 13 companies. In 2012, it acquired IRIS International for about $338 million, broadening its portfolio of in vitro dental diagnostics and consumables.

Such mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations—including the recent deal between DENTSPLY International and Sirona Dental Systems—represent a prevailing trend in the dental equipment market. Other key players include Planmeca, A-dec Inc, Carestream Health, 3M ESPE, and BIOLASE.

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