December 2019

Dentistry Today



From a Removable Appliance to a Fixed Prosthesis: That’s Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Drs. Timothy F. Kosinski and Stephanie Tilley share a case report outlining the replacement of a removable partial denture with a fixed, implant-retained bridge.

Innovations in Extractions With Immediate Implant Placement: Recent Advances in Technique and Implant Engineering
Drs. Calvin Bessonet, Steve Williams, McLean Severson, and Brady Frank present several case examples and discuss minimally invasive extraction techniques and innovations in implant placement and design.

Simplified Implant Placement and Restoration for the GP
Dr. Justin Chi discusses implant dentistry for the GP.

Mandibular Overdentures With Enhanced Solitary Abutments

Dr. Brian Jackson presents an overdenture case involving the utilization of solitary abutments and a 2-implant approach to treatment.

Peri-Implantitis Treatment via Laser-Assisted Regeneration

Drs. Jeffrey Saltz and Kate Wilson discuss the treatment of failing implants with the LAPIP Protocol.

Insurgent RCT Concepts: Treating Molars With Severely Curved DL Roots

Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan shares his expertise on how new endodontic technology is helping specialists and GPs manage challenging anatomy.

Dentist Anesthesiologists Receive Recognition

Focus On: Green Dentistry