DECA Dental Group Honored with the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award

DECA Dental Group
deca dental group


DECA Dental Group (“DECA” or the “company”), a leading dental services organization based in Dallas, announced it has been selected as a recipient of the highly prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for developing a company-wide learning initiative for its staff to better serve guests coast-to-coast across the DECA Dental Group’s Ideal Dental offices.

The Group Excellence Award for Best Learning Team is bestowed annually to companies illustrating exceptional commitment to learning strategies and excellent employee training designed to enhance customer relationships. Past award winners are renowned companies, including Bank of America, Bayer AG, General Motors, Google, HP, Sam’s Club, Wyndham Hotel Group, and several other Fortune 500 companies.

deca dental group

With patient relationships across the United States, DECA Dental Group provides dental, orthodontics, periodontal, oral surgery, endodontics, and Invisalign services. As the company scaled to its current national platform, it was imperative to create a dedicated learning team to better meet the organizational needs of the business and provide its employees with educational and learning initiatives designed to meet the situational needs of their patients.

The DECA Clinical Advisory Board was formed and began training team members through DECA Academy. Through these efforts, the team works effectively to provide learning services, identify new learning approaches and models for the organization, and establish measurable benefits and outcomes.

“In our early stage of development, DECA Dental Group realized that to become a more mature business capable of deriving the most from its resources, we would have to develop unique ways to facilitate system-wide learning,” said Dr. Shalin Patel, Partner & Chief Clinical Officer of DECA Dental Group. “We have seen the practical application – and milestone achievements – of having dedicated learning professionals, and we are proud to be recognized for these efforts with a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award.”

The DECA Clinical Advisory Board provides a voice for clinicians by enabling them to express opinions and provide input into the company’s vision and strategy. Senior clinicians within the company lead the Board and work with management to ensure ongoing clinical success. Each board member, selected for their commitment, expertise, and diversity of backgrounds, offers valuable new insights and ideas for DECA’s growth, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Since its development, identifying specific learning goals has been a critical part of the DECA Clinical Advisory Board. Key findings show that the learning program helps clinicians be driven by having content and utilizing it in a manner that helps deliver better dentistry. Due to this investment in a learning platform, all procedures and quality assurance are tracked to continuously elevate the standard of care within the company.

About DECA Dental Group

DECA Dental Group is a Dallas-based, clinician founded and clinician led, dental service organization that has been delivering high-quality dental care to patients since 2008. DECA is actively expanding its footprint coast-to-coast under the brand Ideal Dental. DECA’s culture is founded on a patient-centric model. The company is guided by its vision to be the premier provider of all dental services under one roof while being the first choice for dentists and staff seeking a partner for growth, innovation, and learning.

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