Aleddra Smart Disinfection and Emergency Lighting Ideal for Healthcare Facilities

Aleddra LEG Lighting


The healthcare engineers and facilities managers are always overloaded with work and looking for products that will meet and exceed their standards. “When they learned that the Aleddra smart emergency Gen4 T8 tube automatically performs the monthly and the annual audit tests, they couldn’t wait to test/approve the Gen4 for their facilities,” according to Matthew Maa, VP Sales & Marketing. The Gen4 Emergency T8 tube is recognized by IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) as a significant advancement in emergency lighting technology and is quickly becoming the product of choice in upgrading the emergency lighting for many healthcare facilities in the U.S. WHY?


Full automated self-testing Gen4 Emergency LED T8 Lamp

  • Instant (90) minute emergency lighting (without the 8-10 second waiting for the generators to “kick-in”).
  • Scalable: The Gen4 Emergency tube can be used anywhere in the facilities without adding additional load to the backup generator.
  • Automatically Performs the (30) second monthly audit and the (90) minute annual audit. Saving valuable time and labor.
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Housekeeping in all medical facilities had a difficult task before the COVID pandemic but that tasking has become even more difficult and time consuming in the past few years. With the spread of COVID-19 and its off shoots, housekeeping has intensified its disinfection of surfaces with the additional applications of chemical-based chemical to all surfaces. Recently, at a medical facilities trade show in the State of Washington, Aleddra introduced its NEW 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light fixture.


2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light fixture with easy UVC surface disinfection or patient rooms or physician exam room

Like the Gen4 Emergency tube IES recognized the 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light as another significant advancement in lighting technology. This fixture provides regular ambient lighting to patient as well as physician’s exam rooms along with offering an affordable means of UVC-based surface disinfection without additional labor, chemicals or the risk of UVC exposure to patients or staff. The 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light fixture can help healthcare facilities reduce acquired infections.

The 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light fixture easily integrates with a third-party lighting control system with the addition of a wireless module in this fixture. With this addition, the housing keeping manager will be able to “schedule” the UVC disinfection for the patients and physician’s exam rooms at a time of their choice. Aleddra’s 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light like the Gen4 Emergency T8 LED tube have been designed to assist healthcare managers to work smarter not harder.

Features of the 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light fixture:

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