Zentist Announces Second Revenue Cycle Management Bootcamp for Group Dentistry



Zentist announced the return of the Dental Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Bootcamp, a unique professional development opportunity in the dental support organization (DSO) industry.

Zentist offers cloud-based software for DSOs and dental practices that delivers standardized insurance payment data and intelligence, notably through its Remit AI platform.


Designed specifically for professionals working at DSOs in the United States, the bootcamp is scheduled for January 11-13, 2023 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

“The vision centers around building a community of dental RCM professionals where they can help each other, learn from each other, and excel at what they do,” said Zentist’s co-founder and CEO Ato Kasymov.

The bootcamp debuted in March 2022 in Miamiand was the first of its kind in the DSO industry. “Honestly, I’ve never been to a conference where I have purely enjoyed every single speaker. Everyone did a fantastic job,” said Select Dental Management senior vice president Victoria Johnson of the Miami bootcamp.

The Winter 2023 bootcamp will feature nine interactive panel discussions with speakers representing dental support organizations, consultancies, technology companies, and other allied fields. Topics include: Automation and Software Tools; Patient Collections; RCM Through the Lens of the CFO; Talent Recruitment, Selection and Management; Personal Career Development, and more.

To request more information or to register for the bootcamp, please visit zentist.io/events/rcm-bootcamp-2.

About Zentist

At a time when dental businesses lose an estimated $2.1 billion due to legacy billing systems, Zentist leverages robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning to place tedious dental insurance billing tasks on autopilot – notably through its Remit AI software. Remit AI decreases insurance claim denials and gets practices paid faster.

Fully scalable to meet the more complex billing needs of the modern dental industry, Zentist’s software minimizes human error, maximizes insurance payout, provides advanced analytics on revenue, and improves the patient-provider relationship.

To learn more, visit zentist.io.