County in the United Kingdom Lags in Dental Visits

Dentistry Today


Despite modern-day information, not everyone realizes the importance of maintaining good oral health.

According to a study, about a third of people from Norfolk County in the United Kingdom cannot visit the dentist because they have no access. The reason for this may be that this is a largely rural area.

As a result, NHS Norfolk has begun a campaign to improve the county’s overall oral health. The goal of this campaign to is to instill upon the people how vital it is to have solid oral health and the necessary ways to achieve that. The program will also be offering free dental care for children to ensure that parents make a point to take their children to the dentist.

After the program got started, about 10,000 more people who live in the county visited the dentist in the past year. In the year to come, there will be roughly 7,000 more places to go to get a dental checkup.

The dentists are who performing the work on the patients want to make sure everyone knows that the dental visits for children are free. Making sure a child visits the dentist on a regular basis is the best way to make sure the child does not develop any oral health problems. There are also some circumstances that allow adults to receive a dental checkup for free.