Coffee Could Lead to Healthy Teeth



There may be a newly discovered benefit to drinking coffee.

Recent studies suggest that regularly drinking coffee keeps teeth healthy and clean. The information was determined by a team at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro.

The caffeine helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and plaque.

The researchers looked at baby teeth containing the robusta coffee bean, which is grown in Brazil and Vietnam. They concluded that the bean aided in getting rid of a film of bacteria on the teeth, serving to thwart the onset of plaque.

The information could be vital because plaque is a top cause of gum disease and decay and any substance that can battle plaque is something beneficial. Specifically, the polyphenols in the bean break down the bacteria film, which lower the risk of the formation of plaque.

Despite the results of this study, it is still not recommended to drink a copious amount of coffee. Consuming coffee can still stain teeth and, when consumed with some milk or sugar, the coffee may raise the risk of enamel erosion.