New Method May Heal Teeth Without Pain

Dentistry Today


A new technique may have what it takes to aid tooth healing in a pain-free manner.

Electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization would serve to heal teeth without drilling and filling cavities. The method is being developed by Reminova, a spinoff of King’s College London.

The new technique differs from previous methods because there would be a small electric current to push the mineral to the tooth from the damaged site. This method could be offered in dentists’ offices.

People currently use fluoride to combat the impact of sugary or acidic substances they consume. But those sugary and acidic substances can’t always be thwarted.

This problem would be solved by electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization. The issue persists as it stands now.

If all goes well, this treatment could cost in the same neighborhood as other dental treatments. It may even be used for teeth whitening.