Chronic Periodontitis Impacts Severity of Heart Attacks



People with chronic periodontitis need to be extra careful.

New research shows that chronic periodontitis can have some effect on the severity of a heart attack, according to the University of Granada.

The research team showed the extent and severity of chronic periodontitis correlates to the size of the myocardial infarction based on levels of troponin and myoglobin. The information appears in the Journal of Dental Research.

The study analyzed 112 patients who suffered from acute myocardial infarction. The patients underwent numerous cardiological, biochemical and periodontal health checks.

Researchers stressed that more information through follow-up checks will add more to the study. The results of the followups will pinpoint the severity or mildness of the specific myocardial infarction and the evolution of the cardiac situation—meaning future coronary events or possible death.

It’s quite possible that chronic periodontitis is something that should be viewed as a predictor of heart attacks. As a result, chronic periodontitis should be added to risk stratification scores.