Caution Necessary to Ensure Effective Teeth Whitening



Certain measures must be taken after having your teeth whitened. This way, the teeth won’t revert back to their previous color.

There are particular foods that enable teeth to maintain their white color. If these foods are eaten on a regular basis, it’s possible that your teeth will remain white and any possible bleaching won’t be necessary.

Firm fruits and vegetables, particularly apples, green beans, cauliflower, celery, and carrots, help to scrub teeth. These foods also generate the flow of saliva, which is a critical step to counteract the acid and preserve your teeth.

There are some dairy-based products, like cheese, that help keep teeth white. The high levels of calcium help do the trick. It also doesn’t hurt that the lactic acid reduces decay.

You want to stay away from foods and beverages that stain teeth, if possible. Tobacco-based products, along with soy sauce, soft drinks and red and white wine leave stains on your teeth.

Abiding by these eating habits will enable you to maintain the white teeth you desire.