Australians Not Thrilled With Prices of Dental Care



People in Australia are not happy with the dental coverage they’re receiving.

A new study indicates the Australians are unhappy with the amount of time they have to wait for the treatment, as well as the cost.

The report was created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The people didn’t have any problems with the quality of care or the amount of time they were with the dentist/doctor.

The study indicated 15 percent of people thought they had to wait too long to see a general practitioner. There were 25 percent of the people that delayed treatment because of the costs. Among people that visited the dentist or doctor, 7 percent opted to forego any kind of scan or pathology test. There were 12 percent of people who held off on visiting a specialist for that specific reason.

These numbers are alarming for Australia. By not being proactive about treatment, people will end up spending more on their health in the long run.

Carol Bennett, chief executive of the Consumers Health Forum, claimed that the country will take this information seriously. Australia may even make changes to their approach to dental care based on this study.

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