Carestream Donates Intraoral Sensors to Mercy Ships

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Carestream Dental has provided six RVG 6200 intraoral sensors as well as software and support to outfit Mercy Ships and its newest ship, the Global Mercy. Despite the pandemic, Carestream Dental said, work has continued on the Global Mercy, which is the world’s largest non-governmental organization hospital ship. It will set sail on its maiden voyage to Africa in 2021.

“The Global Mercy will be a true modern marvel, a fully custom-built hospital ship with customized instruments, state of the art technology, and highly trained talent of a modern hospital,” said Rosa Whitaker, president of Mercy Ships. “It also represents a unique call to action for anyone called to serve, and it presents the opportunity for people to use their skill set to positively impact global healthcare.”

With excellent resolution that provides clear digital images for faster diagnoses, Carestream Dental said, the RVG 6200s will support Mercy Ships’ onshore dental clinics. The sensors come with user-defined image processing tools, allowing volunteers to customize images according to their specifications for enhanced diagnosis and ease of use, the company said.

“Changing lives is a major pillar of Carestream Dental’s mission,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer at the company. “We’ve certainly seen how good oral health can lead to better overall health, so we know that these RVG 6200s aren’t just being used to quickly identify and treat dental caries, they’re changing lives as well.”

Staffed by 600 volunteer medical and dental healthcare workers, the Global Mercy will provide a safe and clean surgical environment to various African nations. The ship is expected to see 150,000 patients over its anticipated 50-year lifespan. In addition to state-of-the-art surgical facilities, it also will include educational space so local doctors can learn about the latest techniques and best practices, Carestream Dental said.

In 2017, Carestream Dental also donated RVG 6200s for use on the Africa Mercy, which is Mercy Ships’ current flagship, during its mission to Cameroon.

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