Air Techniques Pledges $5,100 to Mercy Ships

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Air Techniques and US Energy Recovery have pledged $5,100 to Mercy Ships. A global charity, Mercy Ships operates a fleet of hospital ships that serve developing nations. Its more than 1,000 volunteers hail from 45 nations, and it operates offices in 16 countries.

Charitable donations are put to use with 77.91% of donations used to support ship and field programmatic operations, 13.81% supporting fundraising efforts, and 8.29% going to general and administrative costs.

“Mercy Ships hits a spot near and dear to the Air Techniques Corporation,” said Christoph Roeer, CEO of Air Techniques. “Seeing the photos and videos of the procedures and care that Mercy Ships performs makes us proud to support this amazing charity. 

New sugar-rich diets and a lack of oral healthcare infrastructure are leading to growing rates of dental caries and periodontal disease in the countries that Mercy Ships serves. And without treatment, these infections can lead to prolonged pain, diseases of the jaw, and even death.

Mercy Ships provides dental hygiene education and training to patients and local personnel as well as treatment, including extractions and fillings. Since 1978, the organization has performed more than 390,000 dental treatments and procedures to more than 147,000 patients.

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