Calcium Supplements During Pregnancy May Prevent Tooth Decay



A recent study has demonstrated that a woman who takes calcium supplements while she is pregnant may help children’s teeth. The new study suggests that if a woman takes calcium supplements during her pregnancy, they may help to prevent tooth decay.

The recent study was conducted in Argentina. It followed 195 children, whose mothers were chosen at random to receive a placebo or a calcium supplement, up until their 12th birthday.

The new study revealed that the children whose mothers who took the calcium supplement had a 27 percent reduction on filled or missing teeth and in tooth decay in both the permanent and primary teeth.

The result of the study suggests that taking a calcium supplement while a woman is pregnant is provides prolonged protection throughout childhood.

Doctors at the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy in Buenos Aires believe that teeth mineralization begins in fetal life and this could be a kind of positive fetal programming that continues on throughout the child’s life.

This new breakthrough means that pregnant woman should take calcium supplements while they are pregnant because it might mean better dental health for their children. Taken in the proper amounts, there are no known side effects of the calcium supplements. Therefore, there is no reason why a woman who is pregnant shouldn’t take them and every reason why they should.

Not only will they help to prevent osteoporosis, they will give their children a head start on better dental health and fewer cavities. For women who are between the ages of 20 and 50, the recommended calcium consumption is 1,000 mg per day and for women who are older than age 51, it is recommended that women take 1,200 mg per day.

Usually, the typical amount of calcium supplementation for adult women is between 800 mg and 1,000 mg daily. Although this is the first study of its kind, more similar studies are expected in the future.